Meetopia, the world that MeeCats dream of

Gamefied Ecosystem

The MeeCats team's goal is to create the most accessible, gamified NFT experience.

The new experiences we dream of are realized in a gamified ecosystem called Meetopia..

Meetopia will be a new world where exciting experiences await with various contents such as FI$H, Tokenomics, various fun-filled adventures, and a marketplace where you can trade items as the MeeCats universe.

MeeCats Team

  • The MeeCats team will make it fun for the members of MeeTopia to create a community, and is designing to provide an experience to as many people as possible.

  • Through various forms of collaboration, we hope that MeeTopia will become a space where you can run around and play with your friends, not just the world of MeeCats.

  • We are constantly thinking about ways to work with more game designers, artists, and developers and complete MeeTopia faster.


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